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We all need a good electritian every now and then…..

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All you need for the perfect wedding is a great wedding planner and entertainment. 

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I needed a DJ as my arranged one cancelled on me last minute. WAGA saved the day. Not only could I see how he was rated but I could book and pay all from my phone.

Jack Johnson

I was looking for a personal trainer to come to my home and train me there. With WAGA I was asured that he was good and that he was verified so i know that all was safe and well. It was a bonus that i lost weight in the process

Erika Brown

i was a professional body builder with a few certifications and did not want to go the Virgin active or Planet fitness route. Partnering with WAGA i listed my services, created my own brand and started selling my hours in my area. I know WAGA will make sure the customers and me are safe and payments are seemless with a money back garantee. It was a wn for all!

Dirk de Winnaar

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