Turn your hobby into an income

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Turn your hobby into an income

7th Sep 2019 Baking 0

Earn money from your favourite hobby!

Why not turn your love for baking into a source of secondary income. Here are our picks of easy to make, delicious and crowd-pleasing treats that you can easily sell at bake sales, weekend markets, to friends and colleagues. And remember word of mouth is often the best way to increase sales.

1.Apple crumble muffins

These individual portions of apple crumble are not only easy to eat but easy to make.

make money baking apple crumble muffins

2. Fudgy chocolate brownies

Brownies are an all-time favourite and this recipe is one you’ll turn back to regularly.

TIP: to work out how much to sell an item for, download our costing template.CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE COSTING TEMPLATE

 3. Gingerbread fudge

Take two childhood favourites, gingerbread and fudge and combine them to create a delicious new take on fudge.

make money baking gingerbread fudge

4. Ham and leek quiche

Individual quiches make the perfect lunchtime snack. Simply add a side salad and you’re good to go.

make money baking - ham and leek quiche

5. Red velvet cookies

make money baking red velvet cookies

Red velvet cookies not only look delicious but take a different approach to this red velvet trend.
TIP: over the Festive Season many people are looking for homemade treats. Make some samples you hand out as tasters and wrap them beautifully. A simple glass jar and ribbon can look amazing.

6. Lemon kisses

These lemon kisses make a beautiful gift!

make money baking lemon kisses


7. Fleur de Sel caramels

Fleur de Sel means ‘flower of salt’ in French. This recipe will satisfy any sweet tooth.

make money making fleur de sel caramels

8. Chocolate truffles

These make perfect gifts and can be decorated in different ways. Try icing, cake crumbs, nuts or even more chocolate.

make money baking chocolate truffles

9. Marshmallow and cherry truffles

This recipe makes up to 45 truffles!

make money baking marshmallow cherry truffles

10. Lacy chocolate shortbread

Fill a cookie jar with these chocolate shortbread hearts.

make money from baking: lacy chocolate shortbread

11. Beer box Christmas cake

This beer box Christmas cake is our most requested Christmas cake of all time!

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